Application for Credit Facility

We are a full service car wash and lubricants center, and we have been successfully serving Kingdom of Bahrain for over 15 years. We currently offer special rates to fleet accounts. Our various fleet washing and servicing programs are flexible in order to suit your needs. Receiving automatic car washing on a big fleet will save you money and time, making your business more efficient.

To become a member of our fleet program, simply contact us by completing our online form. In the form, be sure to tell us about your business and also request information about fleet accounts. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Please fill and submit the Credit Facility Application Form below:

Authorized Signatories on Local Purchase Order (LPO) / Quotation / Work Order

Sl Name CPR Number Nationality Confirmation
( Any change in the above informations will be informed Lazer Group, immediately on the change taking place)

Undertaking by the Customer

I / We, hereby, irrevocably agree to pay and honour payments, within the above credit period on your first written demand, any balance outstanding as per your records for the supplies & services made/rendered by Lazer Group W.L.L to us and acknowledged by any of our person (s) directed by us. If payment is not made within the stipulated credit terms, I / We also agree to pay delay charges @ 1% per month and other expenses, if any.

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