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Lazer provides a variety of car services mainly car wash, steam wash, lubricants, service parts, mobile car wash and mechanical & electrical services etc. Following pages will give a detailed description of our major services.

Mobile Car Wash System

Mobile Car Wash System

As the part of our expansion and modernization process we are adding a new segment to our current line of services called Mobile Car Wash. This is a novel concept in Bahrain with the focus of reaching out to customers at their convenience.

After witnessing many people spending their much valued time and energy taking their cars to be washed, Lazer Car Wash saw the need for an alternative that offered fantastic service and expert knowledge. Lazer Car Wash has expert equipment and uses only the finest quality car cleaning products to care for your car whether it is for a quick car wash or a full detail.

We know that most car owners do not have the time or know-how to take care of their cars. Mobile auto detailing is a new concept to serve the busy lifestyles of today. The simple concept behind Mobile Car Wash will help customers utilize their idle parking time while they leave their cars to carry out other activities, such as shopping, working and studying etc. This system will provide a first class ecological car wash service; right at the same place where the car is parked. Each Mobile Car Wash system is operated by just one person and the minimum service time is 20 minutes; including waxing. The mobile car wash system is technologically advanced and fully autonomous & would not leave foam, water or dirt on the floor.

Our professionally trained staff bestows total attention on each vehicle assisted by carefully selected high-pressure water injectors. Biodegradable shampoos remove the worst of dirt and grime, while waxing gives a fresh gloss to a clean car. For the discerning customers, hot water and steam cleaning are also available, where specialized equipment ensures hot water at 70 degree C and steam at 140 degree C. We offer under-the-bonnet cleaning with steam or hot water, after which our vacuum bay will thoroughly clean each vehicle.