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Lazer provides a variety of car services mainly car wash, steam wash, lubricants, service parts, mobile car wash and mechanical & electrical services etc. Following pages will give a detailed description of our major services.

Mobile Car Wash System

As the part of our expansion and modernization process we are adding a new segment to our current line of services called Mobile Car Wash. This is a novel concept in Bahrain with the focus of reaching out to customers at their convenience.

After witnessing many people spending their much valued time and energy taking their cars to be washed, Lazer Car Wash saw the need for an alternative that offered fantastic service and expert knowledge. Lazer Car Wash has expert equipment and uses only the finest quality car cleaning products to care for your car whether it is for a quick car wash or a full detail.

We know that most car owners do not have the time or know-how to take care of their cars. Mobile auto detailing is a new concept to serve the busy lifestyles of today. The simple concept behind Mobile Car Wash will help customers utilize their idle parking time while they leave their cars to carry out other activities, such as shopping, working and studying etc. This system will provide a first class ecological car wash service; right at the same place where the car is parked. Each Mobile Car Wash system is operated by just one person and the minimum service time is 20 minutes; including waxing. The mobile car wash system is technologically advanced and fully autonomous & would not leave foam, water or dirt on the floor.

Manual Car Wash

Our professionally trained staff bestows total attention on each vehicle assisted by carefully selected high-pressure water injectors. Biodegradable shampoos remove the worst of dirt and grime, while waxing gives a fresh gloss to a clean car. For the discerning customers, hot water and steam cleaning are also available, where specialized equipment ensures hot water at 70 degree C and steam at 140 degree C. We offer under-the-bonnet cleaning with steam or hot water, after which our vacuum bay will thoroughly clean each vehicle.

Steam Wash

Steam Wash facilitates wash for cars with high-pressure cold / hot water cleaning machines. Most modern German made Steam Machines are used for this purpose. We always advise our customers to use this advanced facility because using steam is safer for items such as Rubber Hose, Engine Components and Under Seal. It removes oil, grease, dust etc. from the engine and underside. It also removes carbon from wheels and makes the car shine.

Changing Lubricants, Filters, and Service Parts

At Lazer we understand the crucial role lubrication plays in the smooth performance of the vehicle. The lubrication service ensures the smooth performance of each vehicle and it takes around 20 minutes. We also top up the grease where required and an under the chassis inspection is carried out. Should the oil filter need changed, we use genuine filters procured from the main distributors. The lubricants we use are of international quality to meet the latest API SJ/CF specifications. Our operations have been carefully designed to be environment friendly.

Radiator Cleaning

Over time, the cooling system of the vehicle will develop scales and gather harmful deposits. This reduces the efficiency of the system and the engine will tend to run hot. Chemicals used for cleaning take a long time to flush out and /or affect the hoses and gaskets, ultimately leading to replacing the radiator. We have chosen a versatile radiator-flushing machine, which cleans the radiator effectively. The machine is automatic and no human monitoring is necessary. Our staff will conduct the entire process and replace the coolant. Our coolant meets the requirement of ASTM D 3306, AFNOR NF 15-601 AND BSI 6580.

Engine Flushing

It is necessary to flush the engine oil system at recommended intervals to get rid of deposits and dirt that gather over time. Unlike the market practice of using chemicals or light oils and then running the engine, which causes more harm than good, our new engine flushing system flushes the engine thoroughly and safely with the engine switched off. A heated petroleum agent is circulated inside the engine, which dissolves the sludge and the dissolved matter is then vacuum extracted, leaving a clean oil system inside. We recommend an engine flush at the following time:

  • For every 24000 kms or once a year
  • After a new vehicle's running-in period
  • After an infrequent oil change or after head gasket repairs
  • When radiators and hose are replaced due to overheating
  • Before exhaust gas testing

Polishing and Waxing

A vehicle is exposed to countless environmental factors such as heat, vehicle emissions, fingerprint stains, airborne insects and salts. Over time these remain on the surface and turn into mild acid and etch into the vehicle's paint finish. Polishing and waxing are two important contributors to car body care. A good polish will restore the oils to the paint, eliminate scratches, and render a superb gloss. Waxing will add a coat of protection to the polish.

Upholstery Cleaning

Vehicle upholstery can over time become affected by stains and how difficult it is to remove them effectively. Even hard vacuuming is insufficient to remove tough dirt stains or odors that may occur from split liquids. Cleaning of the vehicle upholstery needs to be performed without the moisture seeping into the underside of the fabric. We specifically designed a cleaning process which ensures that the entire vehicle and upholstery is immaculately cleaned. The car seats are carefully removed and replaced. We do not use chlorinated hydrocarbons or ozone harming constituents in the interest of the environment.

Mechanical and Electrical Services

We offer a variety of services at the mechanical section where highly trained staff are available for attending to mechanical and electrical problems. Also work related to brake drums /pads is undertaken. The engine flush and radiator flush machines are located in this area.

A/C Service

The AC is designed to provide a pleasant environment for driving, allowing better concentration while driving. However, air conditioned vehicles often seem to cause irritation to eyes, runny noses and sore throats. These symptoms are often accompanied by an unpleasant odor that can vary in its intensity. We use a new cleaning concept called 'Wynn's AIRCO-CLEAN-Ultrasonic for cars'. It completely cleans evaporator with clean and fresh air without bacteria, allergies, and dust.

Injector Cleaning

Injector cleaning cleans the entire fuel system of the vehicle. The main advantages of doing injector will be as follows:


  • Low fuel consumption
  • Maximum Performance
  • Reduced engine noise
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Less pollutant exhaust gases

We are facilitating injector cleaning without dismantling any of the engines components.

Coming Soon in the Kingdom

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  • - Muharraq
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Opening branches in other GCC countries such as KSA, Qatar etc.